Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, I'm back from my cruise around New Zealand.

I know all of you (all two of you who actually read this blog) are waiting desperately to find out how my exercise plans worked out during those two weeks at sea.

Well, I can report that I went to gym (which was really very well equipped) exactly zero times and walked around the Promenade Deck probably about 3 times. But we did lots of walking on our shore days - really, I did!

So with that lack of exercise, combined with a buffet breakfast every morning and four-course meal every night, how much weight did I put on??? Zero kilograms! WTF?? But yep, my weight is exactly the same as when we left. Go figure.

Here are some scenic shots for your viewing pleasure (if you want more or lots more details of the trip, head on over to my other blog):

Cocktails and a stunning Sydney Harbour - life's good!

Bye bye Sydney!

Cheers! How many calories in champagne?

My knees got plenty of sun

Token shot of the promenade deck.
People do actually run around it.
I know - I saw them!

More calories! Yummy!

Milford Sound

Akaroa Harbour
Rotorua geothermal area

Thermal swimming pool on board (hubby and the kids)

I did do some physical activity -
sea kayaking on the Bay of Islands

All that kayaking makes you thirsty!

Another deck I didn't walk around much

Home again (well, close anyway)
Anyway I am home again. We all have nasty head colds picked up on the last few days on board. I haven't been sick for over a year, so it seems to have hit me hard. But once I'm over it, I will pick up on the stretching and strengthening and will start walking the dog again. And then, maybe, I'll be able to start small bits of running again!

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