Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Breaking Free!

"We're soarin', flyin', there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach".

Oh yeah, gotta love a bit of Disney inspiration on your run!

I have been really good with my 1 Million Kilo Challenge diet! And they also give an exercise program - the Bondi Bum training video. So on Monday morning, I got up and did:

  • Shuttle runs - x zero because the kid from next was out on their balcony and I was too embarrassed to run up and down my backyard!
  • Squat jumps - 1 minute (tough)
  • Push ups - 1 minute (on my knees - there is no way I can do the toe ones!)
  • High knee runs - 1 minute (I look ridiculous!)
  • Butt raises - 1 minute (these were OK)
  • Tricep dips - 1 minute
  • Burpees - 1 minute (OM Freaking G)
  • Plank - for as long as you can (30sec for me).
And then you are supposed to repeat 3 times for a total of 4 repeats. I managed 3 times. Sweat was dripping and those burpees were looking seriously demented. But it's a start and if I can do that twice a week, I think it will be a good cross-training effort. I will of course, keep you informed!

And today I was off onto Week 4 of Ease into 5K. I wasn't sure I was going to actually attempt it - my left leg is giving me all sorts of aches and pains, but once I got out there (at 6:30am - thank you very much!), I gave it a go:

So I'm up to running 6 minutes - and it felt very good! No sore calves or hips. I really enjoyed this run! Go figure.

And if you need a little inspiration to get there (or back out there) Sarah and Dimity from Another Mother Runner have this great Podcast which I really enjoyed!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend wanders

Got up early (well, 7am is early for me!) yesterday (Saturday)...only to find the beach overrun with surf clubbies...some big carnival on and cars and people and boats everywhere! I forgot to take a pic, but sucked it up and went for my run/walk anyway.

I had tight calves, but felt OK, so when the cool down bit came I went for another short run and the walked for a ways after. So I did a bit more "mileage" - but it wasn't all running.

The weighty issue is weighing on my mind. I came across the 1 Million Kilo - 10 Week Challenge site. It was free - so I signed up and have pretty much been following it for two days. The exercise plan is focussed on a circuit, with two 30 minute walks a week, but I might just change that around to 3 runs, a couple of circuits and some walking.

So today I dropped the kids off at their friends house and kept walking (dog whining after the kids "disappeared"). 6.09km (a lot on sand) in 1 hour 20 minutes.

Came home and had a healthy egg salad for lunch!

So let's see how all this good living pans out on Weigh In Wednesday - it had better make a difference!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In

76.4kg - 168.1 pounds
Hmmph. Up a bit. Or steady, depending on your point of view!

Eating wise, I've been OK - although the Domino's Pizza on Friday night probably didn't help! The runs have been steady (3 this week) although not long. The hip is sore-ish again.

On Monday afternoon (after the run) I did a bushwalk for work (4.5km) - a bit hilly.

 Then yesterday we did the "biggy" - Pigeon House Mountain!

Note the elevation! It was a grade 1 climb!! 5.5km, but very steep! 

I live down there somewhere...

It wasn't too hot (24C) but quite humid! I sweated buckets. And now I have sore calves!

I have to do Pebbly Beach again this afternoon, so I didn't run this morning. I am motivated to keep running, so I can do these walks without so much effort/pain. And maybe lose some weight (the run is the diet!).

Monday, January 23, 2012

I Run For Life

"I run for hope, I run to feel, I run for the truth for all that is real"

What a running anthem. Love it.

I got to sleep at 2:30am (or sometime soon after) last night. My brain was in over-drive. I made the fatal error of downloading an iBook and then reading it - Run Fat Bitch Run by Ruth Field. That title either inspires you or offends you. I think it's the best running book title ever!

The basic concept is to get your fat ass off the couch and start running. And keep running. Running is the diet until you are a runner and then you eat to fuel your runs. Bring out your inner bitch, be honest with yourself and run. There is a plan to start running - but I'm already into Week 3 of Ease into 5K, so I will stick with that. But I love the concept.

So despite my pathetic sleep, I got up and ran.

It was warm and sunny, so even though "I had the power to make this a better workout than my previous one", I did crank up my tunes and just ran. I even ran into the cool down as it didn't feel like I'd run much.

"If you ask her why she is still running, she'll tell you it makes you complete."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summer Rain!

"running with you in the summer rain"

I'm aware Belinda Carlisle actually sung "dancing". But I ran. In the rain! For the first time ever (well, there was a little sprinkle this one time...but this was really truly rain).

It started off just sprinkling, but got quite heavy there for a while. I loved it! Still warm (21C). But the rain mixed in with the sweat and cooled me off.

Max came too and I had to stop every now and then for him to shake himself off.

Maybe because it wasn't so hot, maybe because I wanted to get through the rain, I had my fastest run pace!

Wet and soggy, but happy!

"Doesn't matter what I do now, doesn't matter what I say, somewhere in my heart I'll be always, running with you in the summer rain"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday weigh-in!

No run today, but I read (somewhere...blog, facebook? Can't remember) that you should weigh yourself on a Wednesday - wake, wee and weigh! I added a number two as well - that's gotta subtract some extra grams, surely?

So...I know you are all waiting with baited breath...

76.2kg - 167.6 pounds
Well - it's 1.1kg from my starting point! And a half a kilo since last week. Slow and steady.

I have stuck to the CSIRO diet about half the time. I am trying to make better choices (but that camembert is very attractive after a couple of glasses of wine).

But if the numbers keep heading downward (even if it is slowly) I'll be happy. It's just not easy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I get knocked down...

"...but I get up again, you ain't never gonna keep me down!"

Ahh, Tubthumping! Love that song.

I gotta get up earlier! It's January, it's hot - it ain't pretty. I should have worn the tank, not the tee. Live and learn.

Liquid awesome!
The scenery was pretty though - I love where I run (you can smell the sea air!)

Calves were stiff and sore this morning. This could be because I did 20 minutes of pool walking/running yesterday (have you ever tried to run in the pool - it's hysterical!). Also could have been because I was actually running a bit faster (who knew?).

On the brighter side, my hips didn't bother me. Yay!

"We'll be singing, when we're winning..."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's a party on wheels!

..."and it's in top gear, cause we're all singing, we're all dancing now!"

God, I am such a child of the 80's!!

Australian readers might remember Sweet and Sour. I loved that show.


A busy week this week - 3 days of working for National Parks and that entailed many km's of walking, in long pants and long-sleeved shirt that feels more like a canvas tent. Yuck. I told you about my propensity for sweating, didn't I?

That sand is tough work on the calves too!

So I finally got back out there today (Saturday). Started Week 2 of Ease Into 5K - bit more running this morning and went a bit further. Thankfully the sun was hiding and it was cooler.

It was disjointed having to stop for dog-poo and manic phone calls from Hubby as to the whereabouts of the other set of car-keys.

I ran today in my new Sporty Skirt running skirt!

Mine was on sale and in grey. I love the side pockets (great for keys, poo-bags, iPod) and they are bit shorter (and cooler) than my Performax compression pants. Covered enough of the chub to avoid the rub! They did fall down a bit over my big belly which was annoying.

Body/hips/ankle/knee felt pretty good and I enjoyed the slightly longer runs!

"Miles and miles of open road, turned on tunes and playing loud"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shock the Monkey...

...to life!

The circus is in town:

They have monkeys too. And makes it a bit more crowded on my running path. Don't they know it's my path, where I run?  Geez.

After a big bushwalk yesterday afternoon, my calves were feeling it. I nearly didn't get up and run, and I certainly didn't get up early. But I got up and I ran/walked. Yay me!

About the same as Saturday. Slow and steady avoids the injury and keeps running!

And loses some weight!!

76.7kg - that's 169 pounds. 
It's not much (less than a kilo), but I'll take it. I would be happy just to see those numbers trending downward.

Started up on the CSIRO diet this week, so hopefully that will make a difference. It's all science-based and the recipes are yummy and easy. Missing my carbs though! (sobs).

Met two teachers I used to work with - they completed a whole triathlon this morning. They were in the group that inspired my to get off the couch and start walking/running in the first place. The thought I was looking good. It's the Lululemon top, I'm telling you! 

"Cover me, when I run..."

Saturday, January 7, 2012


"...never, never ever hide your heart!" (from the original Footloose soundtrack).

Remakes are never as good. Unless you are re-making C25K!!

This morning the sun was shining, birdies were singing (or I presume they were because I had my tunes pumping), Maxie was with me (he's a good running companion - guaranteed to get smiles from co-walkers).

You could mistake my face for the sun, it's so round and red.
I wore my Lululemon top for the first time since the Sydney Running Festival! I love it so much (and I just checked the website - it's not there anymore - ahggghhh!). I know it's winter in the US, but here in summer, this top is the bomb - it's the closest thing to not wearing a top you can get and still look decent. If I could, I would just wear a sports bra and compression tights and that would be it. But I don't need to scare the pants off everyone else, so I go for the lightest fabric and loosest fit around my belly I can find.

No - I'm not pregnant, that is carefully cultivated fat.

So, the first week of 2012 saw two run/walks!! That's a good start. Did Day 2 of Ease into 5K this morning:

Little bit further and a little bit faster - not that I'm too worried, I'm just happy to be running. And foam rolling and stretching:

Instrument of torture - looks so innocent!

Having said that, I am a bit proud - I want to put up a sign on my shirt saying "I'm only walking because I injured myself and I have to". Because aerobically, I feel pretty good. But I know I have to ease my poor old legs back into this thing gently. But it is weird to stop running after 30 seconds when you know you could go further. Gotta keep the end goal in sight!

Speaking of old things - I have to wait until 9 February before I can see the podiatrist. That's because he's so busy cutting pensioners toenails. Don't you think he'd rather analyse a running gait? (I know I would). I might have to use some of my health fund funds on a massage or two while I'm waiting.

"If you don't give your heart wings, you'll never, never, never, never fly..."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sisters are doing it for themselves...

This is how I look when I'm running:

Or not.

It's a pretty hot here now (the weather, not my looks) and I realise I like running in winter more than summer. A bit because it's not really that cold in our winters, but mostly because I don't sweat (as much). I produce a ridiculous amount of fluid from the pores on my face and neck. 

But, I got up early(ish) today to beat the heat and the crowds. Failed on both counts - 25C and I had to negotiate the hugest crowd of pensioners on their walking outing (did you know they travelled in packs?).

So I'm re-starting Couch to 5K (except that they changed the software and it's now called Ease Into 5K - probably more what I need).

Not real fast, but I still had a sweat-fest going on. Not to mention how much of an effort it was pushing old people out of the way (just joking).

I have to say I felt MUCH better than the first outing nine months ago - so I don't think I've totally lost my fitness. Foam rolling and stretching afterwards to get the knots out of my buns of steel.

Max loved it:

All the photos of him look the same!
All jokes aside, I loved being back out there! There really is nothing like running. Even with the sweat.