Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summer Rain!

"running with you in the summer rain"

I'm aware Belinda Carlisle actually sung "dancing". But I ran. In the rain! For the first time ever (well, there was a little sprinkle this one time...but this was really truly rain).

It started off just sprinkling, but got quite heavy there for a while. I loved it! Still warm (21C). But the rain mixed in with the sweat and cooled me off.

Max came too and I had to stop every now and then for him to shake himself off.

Maybe because it wasn't so hot, maybe because I wanted to get through the rain, I had my fastest run pace!

Wet and soggy, but happy!

"Doesn't matter what I do now, doesn't matter what I say, somewhere in my heart I'll be always, running with you in the summer rain"


  1. Love running in the rain! Good for you picking up the pace and losing some weight.

    David and I enjoyed the "move" video. We watched it over and over.

  2. It was so much fun in the rain, Jane! I'm just trying to keep at it, slow and steady (and not hurt myself again).

    How good is the "move" video??? I love the music, the concept and the other movies (Learn and Eat).