Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shock the Monkey...

...to life!

The circus is in town:

They have monkeys too. And makes it a bit more crowded on my running path. Don't they know it's my path, where I run?  Geez.

After a big bushwalk yesterday afternoon, my calves were feeling it. I nearly didn't get up and run, and I certainly didn't get up early. But I got up and I ran/walked. Yay me!

About the same as Saturday. Slow and steady avoids the injury and keeps running!

And loses some weight!!

76.7kg - that's 169 pounds. 
It's not much (less than a kilo), but I'll take it. I would be happy just to see those numbers trending downward.

Started up on the CSIRO diet this week, so hopefully that will make a difference. It's all science-based and the recipes are yummy and easy. Missing my carbs though! (sobs).

Met two teachers I used to work with - they completed a whole triathlon this morning. They were in the group that inspired my to get off the couch and start walking/running in the first place. The thought I was looking good. It's the Lululemon top, I'm telling you! 

"Cover me, when I run..."


  1. OK. You've inspired this ex-runner and current fatty to download Ease Into 5k where it takes pride of place on my home screen. Now the next steps.....

  2. Yay for the weight loss! If it's any consolation, 76 kg sounds so very light to this person whose brain is wrapped around pounds.

    After being pregnant 4 times to monster babies, no one sees my belly no matter how hot it is. Even if I WERE buff...which I ain't.

  3. Damon - I've found I just need to shut up and run. Nike were on to something when they said "just do it". If I think about it too much, it doesn't happen! You know what to do...