Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's a party on wheels!

..."and it's in top gear, cause we're all singing, we're all dancing now!"

God, I am such a child of the 80's!!

Australian readers might remember Sweet and Sour. I loved that show.


A busy week this week - 3 days of working for National Parks and that entailed many km's of walking, in long pants and long-sleeved shirt that feels more like a canvas tent. Yuck. I told you about my propensity for sweating, didn't I?

That sand is tough work on the calves too!

So I finally got back out there today (Saturday). Started Week 2 of Ease Into 5K - bit more running this morning and went a bit further. Thankfully the sun was hiding and it was cooler.

It was disjointed having to stop for dog-poo and manic phone calls from Hubby as to the whereabouts of the other set of car-keys.

I ran today in my new Sporty Skirt running skirt!

Mine was on sale and in grey. I love the side pockets (great for keys, poo-bags, iPod) and they are bit shorter (and cooler) than my Performax compression pants. Covered enough of the chub to avoid the rub! They did fall down a bit over my big belly which was annoying.

Body/hips/ankle/knee felt pretty good and I enjoyed the slightly longer runs!

"Miles and miles of open road, turned on tunes and playing loud"

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