Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Too hard and too easy!

Ran with Hubby again this week - he dragged me out on a Saturday afternoon, with no music (ughh), chatted the whole way, after a big walk in the morning. It sucked. I was sucking air! It was supposed to be my "long" run, but I only managed 3.01km before collapsing in a heap :-(

Hubby on the other hand kept going a bit more, because I was holding back his "stride".

Hmphh. We might go out occasionally, but I think we do better alone!

On Monday morning I tried again, by myself, in the cool of the morning (it's still "winter" here - ha!), with my tunes to psych me up. I did 6.6km at 8 min/km pace (52 min 52 sec) - an increase of 10% on last weeks long run!!! Woo hoo! Felt good :-)

Am I the only one who changes the words to songs in my head while I'm running?

Summer Rain by Belinda Carlise becomes "running with you in the summer rain"

Roam by the B52's becomes "run if you want to, run around the world"

Jump by Glee (or Van Halen, depending on your taste) becomes "might as well run, go ahead and run!".

Been taking the dog for walks on my 'rest' days - he enjoys it and it stretches me out. We don't go fast, just a stroll around the neighbourhood....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Running in da rain

Wet week here. But I managed to get out twice - and miss the worst of the downpours. But I did do my first run in the rain (well, sprinkles!). Maybe I can call myself a "runner" after all?

Took my hubby out on Wednesday morning. He has run (all the way, no walking) several City to Surf's (14km), but his last one was 16 years ago (leaving his then fiancĂ©e in the back of the pack). He did the Boot Camp with me 2 years ago, and when it was running time, he was up the front and I was at the back, huffing and puffing (and cursing). That was the last time he ran...until now! I've been sweating it out for months now.

Well, he kept up with me (the bastard!!! LOL), but he was huffing and puffing. We did 2.84km in 21 minutes (7:43 min/km). That was enough for him and I'm quite proud that he did so well. I'm even more prouder of me, that although I still looked like a beetroot, I felt quite comfy and "fit".

Today (Sunday) I dodged the worst of the rain and got out for my "long" run. I really wanted to increase my distance and managed 6:00km in 48:32 minutes (8:05 min/km - not too bad!). The cooler weather was really nice and I enjoyed the sprinkles on my face - I was wishing for a downpour at the 4km mark!!!

Loved listening to "Summer Rain" (Slinky Minx remix) and I found this song on a running blog - didn't have it on my playlist and it seems appropriate today:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dreadmill vs. outside!

Playing catchup here! It was raining on Friday, so I decided to "just do it" and head off to the gym (of which I'm not a member) and hit the treadmill. $16 later (what the?), 20 minutes on the bike and eliptical waiting for a treadmill to free up, and I was on.

Did half an hour of intervals - 2 min with a 2 degree incline and speed of 8, then 2 min flat and 7. I have no idea if this is fast or slow, but it felt OK. The woman next to me was sprinting for half and hour at 13!! No problem - I used to look in awe at anyone running on a treadmill, and now that was me for 30 minutes! I think I did about 3.5km. And it sure was more humid inside!

Sunday was after Saturday night... I had planned on doing a local fun-run, but upon discovering it was a leisurely 12km instead of my imagined 5, I decided against it. So on Monday morning I was up and at 'em. 5.09km in 38.51min (av pace 7.38min/km). 2 minutes faster than last weekend! Woo hoo! I felt really good (after the first 5 minutes) and kept up a consistent pace. So proud of myself!

And, importantly, at the 4km mark (Blackmores Family Run distance) I was at 30 minutes. I'm hopeful I'll do the race in  less than that - that's the goal anyway, and you've got to have goals!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

That's better!

Another stunning Sunday morning at Mollymook - 14 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. A slight breeze to help cool me off helped!

What I did:
"Long" run morning! Back at the beach path I did 5.17km in 40min 44 sec, with an average pace of 7.53min/km!! That' 3 minutes faster than last week, and I broke the magic mark of 8min/km! And I didn't stop - I ran the whole way!!! So happy!

How I felt:
I felt really good! Got into a good rhythm, inspired by all the other runners (and dog walkers) out and about this morning (I'm ignoring the fact that all runners were faster than me, I don't care, at least I'm off the couch).

My hip didn't bother me at all during the run, but I made sure I did all my stretches when I finished.

Playlist Highlights:
Feelin' Alright - Joe Cocker
Take Five - Dave Brubeck


When I don't feel like running and feel like it's too hard and a waste of time, I remember I've entered the Sydney Running Festival and I want to be able to run all the way (only 4km, but still) and run across this amazing finishing line!! Woot!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Short little bursts

Back to the ocean this morning. But man, I thought it was supposed to be winter!! It has been quite warm these last few days and this morning was around 16 degrees!

What I did:
10 minute warm-up of steady jogging, 30 seconds of "sprinting", then 1 min 30 sec of jogging (or if things got real bad, a short walk, then jogging!). 10 minutes of steady jogging.

3.76km in 30:05 minutes, average pace of 8:00min/km.

How I felt:
This felt really hard. Because of the intervals? I've really only been running (sporadically, at best) for a few months - but I still need to walk occasionally. Is this bad? I do try to push myself and only walk for as long as it takes to get my breath back.

Playlist highlights:
Whip It - Devo
Hitchhike - Marvin Gaye

Dealing with muscle soreness article - I needed that!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The long run

One day I'll be this skinny!

The Sunday morning "long" run! Bit warmer - 14 degrees. The markets were on at Mollymook - there was no way I was going to be sweaty and beetroot coloured in front of that many people, so I drove over to the creek path.

What I did:
My last runs have been whatever I could achieve in 30 minutes. Today, I wanted to time myself for 5km. I tried to take it easy, so, I ran (and walked!) 5.12km in 43.05 minutes, with an average pace of 8.25min/km. Yes, it did include a couple of short walks, but I'm sure I'll build up my endurance and they will become fewer.

How I felt:
I am struggling to know what "easy" is - my Runkeeper says my "easy" part was the fastest!  But it was hard work - the mental monsters tell me to stop and I have to try not to listen to them! I was actually pretty happy with that time - it kept recording after I'd finished the 5km. 

Playlist highlights:
Breathe (TNT Club Mix) - Kylie Minogue
Full Moon - The Black Ghosts

Imagining myself running up to the Opera House at the end of the Sydney Running Festival! 

Hubby and the kids on our last visit to the Opera House