Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Short little bursts

Back to the ocean this morning. But man, I thought it was supposed to be winter!! It has been quite warm these last few days and this morning was around 16 degrees!

What I did:
10 minute warm-up of steady jogging, 30 seconds of "sprinting", then 1 min 30 sec of jogging (or if things got real bad, a short walk, then jogging!). 10 minutes of steady jogging.

3.76km in 30:05 minutes, average pace of 8:00min/km.

How I felt:
This felt really hard. Because of the intervals? I've really only been running (sporadically, at best) for a few months - but I still need to walk occasionally. Is this bad? I do try to push myself and only walk for as long as it takes to get my breath back.

Playlist highlights:
Whip It - Devo
Hitchhike - Marvin Gaye

Dealing with muscle soreness article - I needed that!!!

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