Monday, August 1, 2011

The long run

One day I'll be this skinny!

The Sunday morning "long" run! Bit warmer - 14 degrees. The markets were on at Mollymook - there was no way I was going to be sweaty and beetroot coloured in front of that many people, so I drove over to the creek path.

What I did:
My last runs have been whatever I could achieve in 30 minutes. Today, I wanted to time myself for 5km. I tried to take it easy, so, I ran (and walked!) 5.12km in 43.05 minutes, with an average pace of 8.25min/km. Yes, it did include a couple of short walks, but I'm sure I'll build up my endurance and they will become fewer.

How I felt:
I am struggling to know what "easy" is - my Runkeeper says my "easy" part was the fastest!  But it was hard work - the mental monsters tell me to stop and I have to try not to listen to them! I was actually pretty happy with that time - it kept recording after I'd finished the 5km. 

Playlist highlights:
Breathe (TNT Club Mix) - Kylie Minogue
Full Moon - The Black Ghosts

Imagining myself running up to the Opera House at the end of the Sydney Running Festival! 

Hubby and the kids on our last visit to the Opera House

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