Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Too hard and too easy!

Ran with Hubby again this week - he dragged me out on a Saturday afternoon, with no music (ughh), chatted the whole way, after a big walk in the morning. It sucked. I was sucking air! It was supposed to be my "long" run, but I only managed 3.01km before collapsing in a heap :-(

Hubby on the other hand kept going a bit more, because I was holding back his "stride".

Hmphh. We might go out occasionally, but I think we do better alone!

On Monday morning I tried again, by myself, in the cool of the morning (it's still "winter" here - ha!), with my tunes to psych me up. I did 6.6km at 8 min/km pace (52 min 52 sec) - an increase of 10% on last weeks long run!!! Woo hoo! Felt good :-)

Am I the only one who changes the words to songs in my head while I'm running?

Summer Rain by Belinda Carlise becomes "running with you in the summer rain"

Roam by the B52's becomes "run if you want to, run around the world"

Jump by Glee (or Van Halen, depending on your taste) becomes "might as well run, go ahead and run!".

Been taking the dog for walks on my 'rest' days - he enjoys it and it stretches me out. We don't go fast, just a stroll around the neighbourhood....


  1. I took my dog with me today...he totally screwed me up in my stride and pace. WE do better alone too!

    Lovin your blog!

  2. Hey Allen! I started out with my dog - did all of C25K with him. But he's a pain in the proverbial and now I run just for me! But I'll always be grateful to him for getting me off the couch :-)

  3. It is beautiful where you live. I wish I could run with views like that! Great job on the run!!!