Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend wanders

Got up early (well, 7am is early for me!) yesterday (Saturday)...only to find the beach overrun with surf clubbies...some big carnival on and cars and people and boats everywhere! I forgot to take a pic, but sucked it up and went for my run/walk anyway.

I had tight calves, but felt OK, so when the cool down bit came I went for another short run and the walked for a ways after. So I did a bit more "mileage" - but it wasn't all running.

The weighty issue is weighing on my mind. I came across the 1 Million Kilo - 10 Week Challenge site. It was free - so I signed up and have pretty much been following it for two days. The exercise plan is focussed on a circuit, with two 30 minute walks a week, but I might just change that around to 3 runs, a couple of circuits and some walking.

So today I dropped the kids off at their friends house and kept walking (dog whining after the kids "disappeared"). 6.09km (a lot on sand) in 1 hour 20 minutes.

Came home and had a healthy egg salad for lunch!

So let's see how all this good living pans out on Weigh In Wednesday - it had better make a difference!

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