Saturday, January 7, 2012


"...never, never ever hide your heart!" (from the original Footloose soundtrack).

Remakes are never as good. Unless you are re-making C25K!!

This morning the sun was shining, birdies were singing (or I presume they were because I had my tunes pumping), Maxie was with me (he's a good running companion - guaranteed to get smiles from co-walkers).

You could mistake my face for the sun, it's so round and red.
I wore my Lululemon top for the first time since the Sydney Running Festival! I love it so much (and I just checked the website - it's not there anymore - ahggghhh!). I know it's winter in the US, but here in summer, this top is the bomb - it's the closest thing to not wearing a top you can get and still look decent. If I could, I would just wear a sports bra and compression tights and that would be it. But I don't need to scare the pants off everyone else, so I go for the lightest fabric and loosest fit around my belly I can find.

No - I'm not pregnant, that is carefully cultivated fat.

So, the first week of 2012 saw two run/walks!! That's a good start. Did Day 2 of Ease into 5K this morning:

Little bit further and a little bit faster - not that I'm too worried, I'm just happy to be running. And foam rolling and stretching:

Instrument of torture - looks so innocent!

Having said that, I am a bit proud - I want to put up a sign on my shirt saying "I'm only walking because I injured myself and I have to". Because aerobically, I feel pretty good. But I know I have to ease my poor old legs back into this thing gently. But it is weird to stop running after 30 seconds when you know you could go further. Gotta keep the end goal in sight!

Speaking of old things - I have to wait until 9 February before I can see the podiatrist. That's because he's so busy cutting pensioners toenails. Don't you think he'd rather analyse a running gait? (I know I would). I might have to use some of my health fund funds on a massage or two while I'm waiting.

"If you don't give your heart wings, you'll never, never, never, never fly..."

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