Thursday, July 12, 2012

Right back where I started from...

Mmm. Guess what happens when you don't exercise and eat whatever you want and drink a lot? Go on, guess! Bet you can't.

OK, I'll tell you what happens when you don't exercise and eat whatever you want and drink a lot. You put on weight. Especially if you happen to be in your mid-40s, having had a couple of kids and have a slack metabolism due to your crappy thyroid (thems my excuses, and I'm sticking to them).

As of this morning, I weigh 77.6kg. Which is where I was at the start of the year. Poo.

I had a thorough medical check this week as part of a job application process. I listed off all the crappy things wrong with me:

  • high blood pressure (on medication)
  • dyspepsia (on medication)
  • left ACL reconstruction
  • migraines
  • sore shoulder
  • plantar fasciitis
Then they weighed me. 78kg. I didn't like their scales - a couple of kilos heavier than mine! But turns out, they were not too far from the mark...

Then I had to do a fitness step test. Resting heartrate was 72bpm. After 3 minutes of stepping up and down, it got up to 122bpm. After a minute rest, it was back down to 92bpm. This apparently puts me in the "good" fitness category for my age group. This is good. It means all that running has been helpful. It means I need to keep running.

So it's back to that old "one foot in front of the other" thing. Just keep running...

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