Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dom, dom, dommmmmm....

Ow. Owww!!!


My legs (and to a certain extent my arms and abs) hurt. A lot. I struggle to sit down on the toilet. It is painful to get back up to standing. I can't laugh or sneeze. I have a big, nasty case of the DOMS.

The what? Well, now I'm all 12WBT, I know what DOMS stands for - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

Oh yes - it is sore! And delayed - after my "total body toning" on Tuesday morning, I had jelly legs and arms for the morning. But Wednesday morning - OMFG!! I rolled my bod out of bed (and yes, those of you who are paying attention will also be yelling at the screen "and I supposed those wines had nothing to with it???"). Wine hurts your head, but that muscle soreness is from sumo squats and 50 billion lunges!

I'm still sore today. I'm walking like an old woman. But I got up and did my "sprints" around the oval anyway. 10 minute warm up and then 2 sets of 2min and 2 sets of 1 min sprints. Well, running faster than normal, which for today is sluglike!

I'm going to get a heart rate monitor
and see if I'm burning more than 200 cals!

My first 2 minutes was interrupted by a call from my husband enquiring why I didn't take the dog (who was at home in bed with him whimpering and carrying on) with me. All I could do was lug my ass out of bed and onto the oval - forget about the dog! I'll take him on my "long run" on Saturday. And tomorrow has a 15 minute jog, so I'll take him on that too.

Oh - apparently it hurts to cough too.


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  1. Ugh, I feel your pain. Everything is hurting.