Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just Freakin' Do It!!

I have to be honest with you - this exercising thing 6 days a week is hard.

Every morning I wake up and start to think things through - I had a bad night's sleep, I have my period, I could do my workout after work, it looks like it might rain. Any excuse will do!

But the one fabulous thing I have got out of this 12WBT is Just. Freakin' (or substitute your F-word of choice). Do. It.

Don't think. Just do. Don't justify, excuse, plan, imagine, whinge or wait to feel "motivated". Just do it. Hey - those Nike people really know what they were on about!

Just got up this morning after a shocking night's sleep/awake and wanted a sleep-in. But instead I JFDI. Sweated buckets in this humidity, burnt 300 calories and got my legs, arms and abs all set for another round of DOMS.

Just Freakin' Do It. JFDI. Love it.

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