Friday, July 8, 2011


Grrr. Just getting into the swing of things and my stoopid body lets me down! 

Yesterday I felt every day of my 42 years old - my hip(s) were that sore. So, I (begrudgingly) need to listen to my body and not run this morning (and it's a beautiful morning - no wind, sunny, and I bet there would be dolphins!).

Very frustrating!

But, I know if I don't give it a bit of rest, I'll be sidelined for even longer. So I will stretch, ice and maybe do alternative activities for the next few days - stationary bike, swimming, walking (although even that hurts at the moment).

Anyone else had hip trouble?


  1. I have had hip pain for years but not due to running. It is primarily on the right side. The doctor diagnosed Calcified Tendonitis years ago and keeps asking me if I'd been in an accident. No, I haven't. It helps to stretch and not stay in one position for long but it often wakes me at night.

    I'm sorry to hear you are held back for a bit.

  2. I have never dealt with hip problems, but I have had major issues with my achilles tendon. I know how challenging it is to have your body hurt. Definitely rest and take care of yourself!!!!! I hope you are feeling better soon and have a great weekend!