Thursday, October 6, 2011

Woe is me!

This hip injury/strain/hurt/pain is a doozy!

Yeah right - as if my arms are that cut and my legs that slim!
 But the look on her face is me!
It's been a week since my last run and it feels like forever. While the very worst of the pain is over, it is still very sore and bruised feeling. I'm thinking I will have to get myself to the physio (if they ever answer their phone).

The physical pain is settling down into an annoying buzz, just enough to constantly niggle at me. Just enough to remind me that I should not run on this injury. I know if I do try to continue, it's only going to get worse and possibly keep me out of my Asics for a lot longer than a week. I'll admit to tears - pathetic, I know!

I got myself one of those foam rollers (except mine is white):
66fit Elite Foam Roller - Blue - 15cm x 45cm

and I've found some new and exciting ways to inflict pain on myself:

and I've downloaded an e-book:

And meanwhile, I'm trying not succumb to so much self-pity that I eat potato-chips and chocolate to make myself feel better (because putting the weight back on that I've worked so hard to get off is NOT going to make me feel better).

And then I will look forward to being able to use my exercise bike and swim and then eventually, run. Who know that this couch-potato would miss her exercise so much??

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