Friday, October 26, 2012

Big night out

It's not quite how I imagined it - this weekend I'm attending my 25th yr School Reunion. Eeek! 25 years since I left school. I never really thought I'd be going weighing nearly 80kg.

I thought I might use the upcoming event as "motivation" to lose some weight this year. Apparently external motivation doesn't work, because I didn't!

And so, the question begs - what to wear when you are not looking your best, but need to make a good impression (because Toni will be there again, looking oh-so-gorgeous and glam and slim).

I was going to opt for my Little Black Dress that I had in the cupboard - a Jacqui E dress from a couple of years ago, that is very comfy and shows off my boobs and has little capped sleeves, but I'm looking a little preggers, if I'm being honest with myself...

We don't have a full-length mirror (probably with good reason)
It's a nice dress and it's comfy (did I mention that), but I was a little unsure of whether it would be too dressy for a reunion and whether looking 4 months pregnant is a good look at 43.

My friend said she was wearing a top and pants. I considered this, until I looked at the top of choice in a photo and decided I looked too much like a green whale...

That would be me in green...with grey hair.... Not going there. But maybe I should head off the hairdressers which is long overdue:

I wanted to go lighter, but apparently there were all these technical reasons why that is impossible

OK. So hair is order, but the issue of "what to wear" is hanging around, so with my lovely new hair I took myself off to the shops (which is not much of a choice in our tiny town), on a budget because I just spend $154 on my new hair...

I managed to find this baby (still black) which was marked down from $69 to $48:

So. What do you think? Add black high heels, lippy and some spangly earrings and I should be good to go?

Do you attend your high school reunions?
If you do, you stress about your appearance?
Should I buy the dress?


  1. Love it! High heels will make you look slimmer, and the spangly earrings and lipstick will focus attention on your lovely face.

    Have fun!

    1. Awww...thanks Jane! Will post pics soon!

  2. Quick update before I drive to Sydney - Toni is a last minute cancellation! I can't tell you how happy I am about that :-)

    I bought the dress! Photos of the big night to follow....