Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In!

Got up, checked Facebook (as you do) and there was a reminder:

My scales are not that pretty and neither is the number that is going to show up.  OK - let's get it over and done with:

79.3 kg - 174.8 lbs
Small loss. I'll take it.

Up early and I finished "Week 1" of the Ease Into 10K program this morning:

It felt hard, but I pushed on and my pace was a bit faster, so I'm happy with myself.

Further motivation - Michelle Bridges encouraging everyone who can to get out running:

I encourage all my team who can, to RUN! If you are time poor, running is great value for money when it comes to getting that heart rate up and burning truck loads of calories!! Xx

I'll be happy when I look like her! 

And it's the little choices - last night after a long day at work, my hubby suggested it was Tuesday and that maybe we should just call Dominos....but I was strong (and if I'm honest, cranky with him for leading me astray), and went to the shops, bought steak and salad and cooked it. I wouldn't have done that last week!

I ran past my daughter's piano teacher this morning, just as the voice in my earphones said "run". I sighed and she said "it's just got to be done, doesn't it?!" And she's right - just gotta do it (mmm, might be something in that).


  1. That is a neat looking app that you are using. So handy to track your average pace and see how you improve over time.

  2. It's the Ease Into 10K app by Bluefin software. It's nice to see progress - they have a graph page too - I'll blog that next week!