Friday, December 14, 2012

Exhausted or excuses?

It's Friday!!! Actually, because I don't work full-time, this doesn't mean much, because I have to work on the weekend. And now I'm not drinking (rarely), Friday night drinkies don't necessarily happen. They won't tonight.

I've been 'good' - following the eating plan, doing my workouts. Except for this morning. I'm just exhausted. I struggle to stay awake until 9pm. I'm yawning my head off during the afternoon. I'm grumpy and teary.

Perhaps it's hormones. Maybe I need to take my multivitamin on a more regular basis. I know that getting up early to exercise means I do need to go to bed early.

So this morning - the first morning in what feels like forever, but in reality is only 4 weeks, I didn't JFDI. I slept. Oh! It felt sooooo good! I feel much less like a cranky cow.

I had another reason not to get sweaty. An excuse, if you will. I had my hair done yesterday. I have two issues with my hair:

  1. I have premature grey. Like serious amounts of grey. A skunk stripe of regrowth.
  2. I have thick, frizzy hair.

When I go to the hairdressers, for one day, I have no grey hair and sleek, straight hair that doesn't boof out everywhere. So just for one day, before it gets sweaty, rained on, humidified or washed - I wanted nice hair. Vain much? Probably.

I will continue to eat well. And tomorrow I will get sweaty and wreck my hair. Because after today, I prefer a smaller body to perfect locks.

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