Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend wrap-up!!

OK! So it's Sunday night. And I just know that you are all sitting at home desperately waiting of news of my big Red Flag Day. So how did I get on???

Well, first up - let's remember Mish's words of wisdom: there is no "off the wagon" or "on the wagon". There's no "good" or "bad". This is not an either/or situation.

Bearing that in mind, I did pretty good!

My plan was to eat healthily and cut back on the wines consumed and I achieved that plan.

We did visit Maccy-Ds on the trip up for lunch, but I chose a Seared Chicken Wrap and water (363 calories). No fries!

At the party, I didn't pig out on chips, cheese and bickies, dip or bread in the afternoon. Instead, I placed myself away from all that food and just waited patiently until dinner. This is a biggie for me - I love myself some savoury nibbles! But I resisted temptation!

I had a chicken kebab and sausage and salad (not all clean and healthy, but not horrific either). I did not go back after dinner to the dessert table and consequently did not eat the banana cream pie or cheesecake. I think, given I did not prepare all my own food, I made pretty good food choices and flexed that willpower muscle with some mighty force.

My other downfall is usually alcohol, and I know I'm not alone here! I did reasonably well - drank gin and diet tonics, interspersed with mineral water and a few low-alcohol champagnes. This is over a period of between 3:30pm and 1am. I feel a bit dehydrated (and certainly tired) today, but this could have been a LOT worse. My calculations are a total of 470 calories on alcohol, which I'm pleasantly surprised about.

Blowing the budget on bubbles!

I estimate I ate/drank about 2000 calories - 800 over my daily limit. But I limited the damage and made some good choices, so all in all, I'm happy.

Back into it tonight with the Chicken Parmigiana we didn't have on Friday night (the week's all messed up, menu-wise) and then grocery shopping tomorrow as well as my tempo run.

How was your weekend?
Did you survive any social engagements without blowing your calorie budget?
What's your biggest weakness when eating out?


  1. Wow! You're an inspiration Ingrid! To exercise your will-power so successfully at this time of the year is no mean feat!
    Well done.


    1. Thanks Kez - you are a bit of inspiration yourself! One day I'll be half marathoning too!

  2. We had a Christmas party at a bowling alley Saturday. Lots of drinks, pizza and cookies. I didn't do so well, though as the designated driver, I was drinking Pepsi. My big weakness lately has been the maple nut goodies I made. Never again. I have them stashed but still sneak into them for "just one more".

    Good for you for doing so well!

    1. Maple nut goodies?? I don't think so - I would have no self control!!