Friday, December 7, 2012

Red flag alert!!

You know, I did ponder the wisdom of joining up to 12WBT during the silly season. It's not like I have a lot of social engagements, but this time of the year seems to be a good excuse to let it all hang out.

But no! Not for us trying to lose weight!

So this weekend I am driving up to Sydney for a pre-Christmas catch-up. You know what that means. BBQ. Nibbles. Drinkies (or ten). So - a Red Flag Day. How to keep on track?

Well first up, I moved my long run to this morning (as I have to work early tomorrow as well). I might be able to fit in a little abs work on Saturday morning, but will struggle to fit in a 4.5km run. So I did that this morning:

I really, really did not feel like doing this this morning! If I was the 'old' me, I wouldn't have done it. But it had to be done and I just JFDI. Made sub 8:00 min/km pace, but was overtaken by every member of the local running club except 90 year old Ken. But I reckon I still have my L-plates on and about 20kg to lose, so things can only get better. I still ran faster than everyone still in bed!

My legs felt heavy towards the end, but I focussed on cadence, keeping "light" and relaxing my shoulders. And it's now all done.

Healthy breakfast:

And tomorrow? I'm on bringing nibblies and I'm going to cut up carrot, celery and capsicum and make some yummy vego dips. And bring chippies for the unhealthy ones (which is NOT me!). And I'll bring low-alcohol options (let's see how I like vodka, lime and sodas - they will fill me up much more than wine). I'll give it my best shot, and let you know how get on....

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  1. My major red flag weekend is next weekend. Hosting a Christmas dinner so planning a seafood calorie friendly menu, then two large Xmas parties to attend. The key will be in the planning. I'm breastfeeding so I don't have the over indulgence of alcohol as an option which helps.