Sunday, January 27, 2013

10K Milestone!

So, long run on Sunday this week, as my running buddy Tracey had a Kick class on Friday, but didn't want to back up on Saturday. That was OK, because I had to work yesterday, but not today!

We had a big storm last night and I was hoping it wasn't bucketing down. It wasn't - it was just warm (23C) and HUMID. Yuck.

You can see the lights of the fishing boats at 6am!

We did 8.5km last week, so were keen to give it a nudge and go the 9, but the route we took pushed us over the 10km mark.

I felt fine until about the 6km mark, when things got a little harder. I paused then to slug some water (I was sweating like a PIGGY) and a little gel. I didn't think I would be able to run up my Heartbreak Hill the second time, but I did and kept going....until about the 9km mark when my body just gave up. I had a little walk break and then shuffled along. I'm not totally convinced I could call the last kilometre actually "running" but it was marginally faster than walking, so I'll take it!

The conditions were a bit tough - no cooling rain or breeze, so I just got slower and slower:

Don't count that last km - I'd stopped then!

No matter how slow I went, I didn't stop and we did it! Tracey ran the whole way - what a legend!

We stretched and drank gallons of water! Legs are tired now...but I can finally call myself a 10km runner!

Time to print out the shopping list and go shopping and get organised for the week ahead :-)


  1. I can only dream. What a wonderful achievement. Love these apps that give you all this type of info.


    1. If I can do it Carol, there is hope for anyone! Just build up slowly and surely :-) goodness knows I've got the slowly bit sorted!!