Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Girl Gets Around!

This was the temperature at lunchtime on Friday:

46C - 115F
Can anyone say climate change??? Friday broke all sorts of records for temperature - it certainly was the hottest day in our little seaside village EVER. It was like an oven out there and our home air-con really struggled...

You think I'm exercising in that? Think again! I couldn't even think about exercising, so I was very happy when a big ol' southerly change blew through that afternoon, instantly dropping the temperatures about 20 degrees.

I awoke at 5:30am (OK, so I pressed the snooze button and re-awoke at 5:40am) to grey skies, 21C and drizzle - perfect!!!!

And caught a tiny glimpse of sun to light up my way:

Met up with fellow 12WBT-er Tracey, who left me in the dust two weeks ago as I struggled with 7km. Today was ear-marked for 8km. How did I go??

That my friends is 8.57km of all running, no walking, no stopping! It felt really good! I kept up with Tracey all the way (including up Heartbreak Hill) and we even picked up the pace for the last few hundred metres! That run is how you want to feel when you run! Woo hoo! We rock!

My fiddling with my callous and the damp conditions have given me my first running blister though:

But that's OK - I ran in the rain and got a blister - I'm hardcore!!

Ready to eat clean for the next few days, work hard at my toning (which I've been slacking off a bit) and push my tempo run and hills. Let's see what number turns up on Wednesday, shall we???

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