Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday Woot!

I was quietly optimistic about this morning's battle with the scales. I've worked hard and ate clean this week (99% of the time). So I was totally chuffed to see this:

I reckon my legs are looking skinnier!
71.2kg - 157lbs

That's a loss of 1.2kg this week! Can I get a WOOT?? So proud of me! And those 60s are within sight!

Been running - tempo run was my fastest yet:

And because it was very humid, did my toning in my underdaks. I have abs under there somewhere - and one day soon, they may make an appearance!!!

I think I've convinced at least 2 other people to join the 12WBT madness next Round! I'm so excited that they are inspired by me!!!!

And this morning I got up and ran my little hills. I got a belated-Christmas Garmin watch from hubby, so had fun trying that out too (I can upload data to Runkeeper, so I can keep all my history together).

We were child-free this evening, so I caved and got takeway. BUT, I didn't eat the rice and just had a small bowl of szechuan chicken and just 2 glasses of low-alcohol wine. Times have changed, people!!! 

Up again tomorrow to work on the legs and to improve those abs so that one day, when those layers are peeled away, they'll be up to the task of being looked at!

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