Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday!

So this morning I did a "modified" version of the hills run they had on offer at 12wbt. Instead of driving to the beach as usual, I just took the dog straight out the front door, stopped for a wee (him, not me), stopped for a poop (again, not me) and yet another wee, dropped off the doggy bag and then finally got running!

Headed out to our local lighthouse, which as luck would have it, has a series of rolling hills leading up to it. So I ran hard up the hills and took it easy on the downhill.

Those pace spikes at the beginning are the wee and poo stops!

Turns out, it was a bit warm and humid out and turns out I look HOT after my runs:

Actually, I think I meant SWEATY!

Max thinks I'm hot too, and loves to snuggle up and keep warm during stretches:

While you're just lying there,
do you think you might like to play with me?

So after that effort, I jumped in the pool and it was DIVINE.

Yesterday was our first "Accelerator Day" - no simple carbs (yanno - all the good stuff like bread, biscuits, bread, potato, bread, pasta, bread, rice and oh, did I say bread?). Maybe it was a mental thing, but I was starving and hanging out for (drumroll) bread!

Did this translate into a big loss this week?

72.4kg - 159.6 lbs
Alas - only 400g, but a loss is a loss and I'm under 160 lbs!!!

This weekend is supposed to be the 8km run, but the weather is forecast to get really hot you will just have to wait with baited breath to see if/when it eventuates!

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