Monday, February 13, 2012

Hang On!

"Things are getting weird, things are getting tough, nothing's making sense but you keep on looking up"

So after my run on Tuesday I've had a "big" gap! Meetings for work, rain, a case of the "blah's", husband's birthdays all conspired to make me uninspired. Which is a load of crap really, because I know I've just got to "do it" and overthinking things gets you nowhere!

So despite the 4 or 5 glasses of champagne and wine the night before (spread out over many hours I might add), I got up and did Week 5 Day 1 of Ease into 5K:

That's running for 18 minutes!! Although I look like I ran a marathon:

...and a bit cranky too (but I wasn't)

After much rain it was a stunning morning:

Although there was also a surf carnival on and nippers seemed to multiply and be everywhere by the end of the run all over my footpath!

And the good news is my hip/knee/ankle is behaving itself.  This could be because I'm still stretching and doing my Bondi Bum videos:

After which I looked like this:

See - I do have more than one outfit!

Running again tomorrow morning and then we shall see what the scales bring on Wednesday!  Loved this during the week:

"When things are getting tough, you'll turn it back around, you gotta turn it up when they tell you turn it down"

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