Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in!

I was so excited for the weigh-in this morning - yesterday I was in the low 75's!! So this morning I got up (had breakfast before I remembered it was Wednesday) and saw this:

76.6kg - 168.5 pounds
It goes without saying I'm disappointed - is it the scales? But just you wait until next week - I'm on a downward trend, I tell you!

Oh, and I forgot to say how beautiful it was yesterday morning:

Because it was much nicer than this morning (although it would have been a nice cool day to run):

OK - so next week - watch out scales!!


  1. The cross training looks great! I just read an article about squats and how they are great for the butt. So I'll try to work them in but they are hard on the knees. And I need to do something about my bat-wing arms. Hubby says my arm muscles look like something you'd see on Bugs Bunny.

    Yes, watch out scales!

  2. We call those arms "tuck-shop lady arms" - a tuck shop is a canteen and the ladies (all mums) who serve in them tend to be a bit on the large side!

    My tuck-shop lady arms were embarrassing when I was teaching - flapping around when writing on the board is not a good look ;) But no more!!