Thursday, February 16, 2012

Suddenly I see!

74.8kg - 164.9 pounds
74 at the start of the scales! Yeah baby! It's a minor miracle given the champagne I drank and the camembert I ate the night before in the name of Valentines Day.

My legs are STILL sore from Monday's Bondi Bum, but I am progressing with my running - a hard run on Tuesday (tired legs) and I nearly didn't run this morning, but as usual, so glad I did:

You will of course note that I am not running any faster, not really run/walking any further, but I am running for longer. 9 minutes this morning and considering I didn't feel like going, it felt really good! 

"I feel like walking the world, like walking the world; You can hear she's a beautiful girl, she's a beautiful girl"

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