Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in Woo Hoo!

And here we are....

75.0kg - 165.3 pounds!

I'm so relieved and excited! I've been very good this week on my new Million Kilo challenge diet! I only fell off the wagon a bit when we travelled to Sydney, had wine with family and McDonalds gave me a Crispy Caesar Wrap, with small fries and real coke instead of the Seared Sweet Chilli Wrap, apple and water I thought I ordered. It was drive-through, so I only realised when we were already halfway down the highway. Ce la vie.

I have significantly cut back on my wine consumption (this is sooo tough for me), been doing my Ease into 5K workouts (missed Saturday due to Sydney trip):

and have been doing my Bondi Bum cross-training. This week's workout is:

All this hard work and super-dieting had better work!!! So, I'm pretty happy to have lost 1.6kg (that's 3.5 pounds!) since last week and 2.35kg since the New Year. Next step...74kg! Baby steps, baby!

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